Saturday, June 11, 2016

School 4th Quarter Review

June 23rd, is the last day of my school year. We have very few days left of school. I'm so sad to be leaving 7th grade behind, It's been a long and great school year. I've had so many amazing classes and teachers this year.
     This school year I really loved all my teachers. I loved all my core teachers because they each found different ways to make learning fun. During music this year learned how to play the keyboard. My partner Parker and I had so much fun. In Spanish I loved all the people in my class. They helped me make learning fun. Mrs. Romano helped me make it through art without getting behind, also. I often took too much time on one art piece and fell behind, without her I would probably be failing art. This year I also enjoyed tech class. During tech I got to design and construct a catapult. FACS was super fun as well. I loved learning about cooking, taking care of things and sewing.
      This school year we also went on some exciting field trips. One field trip I enjoyed was our trip to the food pantry. Few people signed up to volunteer and help the less fortunate.  We waited on people and helped serve food. enjoyed this because the people that came in were so friendly and nice.I also really liked going on our Boston trip. We went to Boston for almost a whole day. The only thing I didn't like about this was that we had to wake up so early.
      I enjoyed seventh grade, and I won't ever forget about all the great experiences I've had this year. 7th grade helped me make so many new memories.  I hope that 8th grade will as awesome as this year. 

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