Friday, June 3, 2016

Field Trip

Today my classmates and I took a trip to Boston. While we're in Boston we are going on a trolley tour around historical parts of Boston, and the Boston Museum of Science. I'm happy that we're going on this field trip since not every house is going somewhere on a field trip. We're lucky that we're going to be out of school for the day and enjoying Boston.
    We´ll did many things on the field trip, so we had to get to the school early so we can do everything. We have to meet at the school at 5:30am. After we left the school we drive to Boston, which will took about 3 hours. Once we get there at around 9am, we go on about a 2 hour trolley ride around Boston. After that we went to the Boston Museum of science. There we completed an assignment for math and science that was really easy. Then we left Boston and drove back to the middle school, at about 8pm.
     While we´re on the field trip I'll be staying with my group of other students and one chaperone. My group consists of my friend Molly, Dean and Corbin. While we were in the museum and on the rest of the field trip we had to stay together. We also sat with each other on the bus ride. So we were with our group for the whole trip.
    This was definitally a super fun and cool trip. I would do it again if I could. I hope that we'll go on one like it next year in 8th grade

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