Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pine Bush

Today we went on a field trip for science to the Albany Pine Bush since we are learning about it in science tutorial. We're writing an essay about the Pine Bush. We had to write about different species that lived in it, the history of it, and how fire plays a role in the ecosystem.
    For the field trip we were girdling aspen trees. Girdling a tree is when you cut through the bark all the way around the tree, so you can kill it. We were girdling the aspen trees because they were overpopulated in the Pine Bush. So we worked to kill some of them to hopefully decreased the population of the trees
    Today the Blue group (my group) and green went on the field trip. I was excited since it's always nice to go on field trips and get out of school for a little bit. We put on our protective gear to keep us safe from ticks and thorns. After that we got onto the bus and drove to the Pine Bush. When we got there we went into the woods and the Pine Bush staff explained what we were doing. It looked easy when they were doing it, but it was definitely a lot harder than it looked. I eventually peeled off the bark and finished my first tree. Then we had a little break, which meant we had a half hour left. I started a new tree and almost finished it. Before I could we had to go back to school, which we all were relieved about. By the end I gurgled about 20 trees!

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