Saturday, April 30, 2016

The One and Only Ivan

WARNING: Spoiler Alert
In 5th grade I read the book "The One and Only Ivan." My teacher made us "Respond to our reading" for homework every week. Each week it was a different question and he graded us out of 4 points. I was reading through my old notebooks and found a piece that I really liked. Our assignment was to become one of the characters from the story and write a poem or note from their point of view. I wanted to share my piece with you. I wrote from the view of Stella. 
The pain ached throughout my body, but mostly my foot. I knew I wouldn't make it until the morning. All I could think about was "Who's going to take care of Ruby?" I knew Ivan would do anything for me, but this was too much. I thought for a while. I whispered over to Ivan's domain and asked him to promise me something. I never asked him to promise me anything because a promise is forever. "I promise Stella." I thought, this is what Ivan would saw because he is such a great friend, he would do anything for me. I didn't say anything for a long time. I knew I would leave behind everything. Would I be missed, or just forgotten? "Never mind Ivan." I said. As I went to put my head back down on the hay I was laying on, I saw Ruby's trunk move. Like she was reaching for something that was not there. "You want me to take care of Ruby." He knew that I couldn't leave her alone. As I nodded, I told Ivan that she needed a safe place, not here. "I promise Stella, I promise on my word as a Silver Back. As the air becomes thicker, I think how I had a wonderful life with my best friend, the one and only Ivan.
I loved this book so much I read is 3 times that year. I was so surprised when I found this piece hiding away in my closet. I really liked the way I wrote this in 5th grade and I hope you do too!

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