Monday, April 18, 2016

My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday! I was born April 17, 2003. Yesterday was so crazy and fun it was unbelievable. I was at a volleyball tournament all day and we came in 3rd. But the party even started a day before.
My whole volleyball team drove down the day before our tournament. We met up at a Wendy's across from our hotel. Then when everyone was there we drove back over to the hotel to go swimming, We swam for a while then the parents ordered pizza. We ate and everyone brought treats. After that everyone changed out of their wet clothes and came into my family's room. We hung out in there for a while, we ate candy, listened to music and played volleyball. It was so much fun. 
The next day my whole team met in the lobby for breakfast before blasting off for our tournament. Once we got there we all started warming up for our first game. We played a super long day of volleyball to place third in the gold bracket. After we finished I went to Panera with some of my really close friends.
My birthday was so fun, I would do it again if I could 

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