Saturday, January 30, 2016

Doing Well In School

Lately I've noticed some key things about getting good grades in your core classes (Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math.) I really like all of my core class teachers this year. I wanted to share some things to help you as well.   

LA: Pay lots of attention in class. Always read plenty of books and make sure you're always have a new book. Also make sure to raise your hand a lot to answer questions. Usually you get projects in LA a lot, so make sure to do your best work. Never slack off. Always do your best and nothing under average. Some ways to raise your grades are ask about extra credit. You can always read more books and observe things that the authors do that you can improve.  

SciencePay attention to your teacher talking and make sure you understand science. Science is usually the core class that some people have trouble with. Make sure you pay extra attention because Science can usually bore people sometimes then they get lost.  Some things that I do to understand science better is I pay very close attention to the notes and the labs that we do. Some things that you could do to raise your grade are extra credit or stay after to get review. 
 SSPay attention in class and always listen to your teacher. Make sure you know what's happening and you're not confusing events. Ex: American Revolution. Make sure that you know what century it was in, who won, why the war happened in the first place. Sometimes you get projects in SS that are worth many points so make sure you try your best to get good grades on them. Some ways to raise your grades are extra credit or stay after. You can also look things up in your textbook if you have one.

Math : Pay lots of attention in math and make sure you understand what the teacher is saying .Make sure you try to not get lost. Ask lots of questions if you do get lost so you understand and won't get confused on the homework.  Do your homework as soon as you can. Also do your homework as soon as you get home or stay after to finish it. If you don't understand email your teacher or go in the next day and ask her. You can try to raise your grade if your unhappy with it by asking you teacher about extra credit or staying after to make some things up.

I hope these thing help you. Paying attention and raising your hand to answer questions is key to getting good grades. Don't be afraid to ask for extra help. In the end it can really help everything you do. 

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