Friday, April 1, 2016

"A Monster Calls" By Patrick Ness

      In Language Arts we started reading "A Monster Calls" by Patrick Ness. Although the book was written by Patrick Ness, the original idea for the story was by Siobhan Dowd. Before Siobhan could start the book she died of cancer. So Siobhan's editor gave Patrick Ness permission to finish the book for her. Patrick Ness continued with Siobhan's idea and finished the story. The story also has illustrations by Jim Kay.
        It is about a thirteen-year-old boy named who lives in England with his divorced Mum. His name is Conor O'Malley. Conor's Mum is diagnosed with cancer.  Conor has to struggle through living with his grandma (who he doesn't really like) all while being visited by a Yew tree in his back garden. It comes to life at night at 12:07 and a terrifying nightmare that Conor wouldn't dare telling anybody about.
      So far I really like the book. The book did start with Conor meeting the monster, so I liked that it didn't take a while for the book to get interesting. I also thought that the story has multiple different things happening at once (his Mum's cancer, the Yew tree, and the nightmare) so there's always something happening. I also think the story is well written and descriptive, even though it doesn't need to be very descriptive since there are talented illustrations on most pages. I've been enjoying the book so car and I'm interested to see what will happen through the rest of the story.

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