Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Day In My Life

My weeks are usually very busy. Mostly everyday is stressful and confusing. Here is usually what a day in my life would be like
On a normal Tuesday morning I wake up at about 6:30-6:50. In the morning I have to pack my stuff for school. Once I get put of the shower it is about 6:45 or 7. Once I'm out of the shower I pick out my outfit and go downstairs for breakfast.
When I go down stairs my dad will be watching the news and I start to make my breakfast. While I am making my breakfast I am helping my mother make my lunch. Once I finish breakfast it's about 7:30 and I head upstairs to brush my teeth and get ready for the day. I get back downstairs and it is about 8 so I do anything that I need to like put my taekwondo uniform in my bag because I go there after school. After that I am ready for my mom or the bus to drive me to school.
Once I get to school I have a normal day at school. When my friends Reagan, Kilian and I get on a special bus to go to taekwondo. We get to do little homework before our parents pick us up for dinner. All of us go to a local deli until 6:15 when we go back to taekwondo for a demonstration practice. Straight after that is advanced poomsae practice which usually ends at 8:30. I get home at approximately 8:50-9. With an hour for homework before bed.
My days are sometimes stressful with not a lot of time for things. Also restless hours but I manage to make it through the day 

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