Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4th Quarter

April eleventh was the first day of the fourth/final quarter of the school year. There isn't much of a change in my schedule. Instead of having FACS (Family And Consumer Science) I now have art. Besides that there isn't any difference since last quarter we switched from Health to Music. I'm excited for art, since I enjoyed it last year, but I'll miss FACS because I did enjoy the labs.
       This quarter I have art with Mrs. Romano, which is different from who I had last year. The class is ten weeks long. During these ten weeks we will be learning how to create a piece of artwork using the elements of line, color, shape, texture and space arrangement. We will also be drawing, printmaking, sculpting, making collages and painting using very different techniques. I'm excited to do the calligraphy project because it looks super fun and interesting.
     This quarter I'm ending FACS and starting art instead. I enjoyed FACS a lot this year. In the food labs we made fruit smoothies, muffins and pizza bagels. I have to say that my favorite food I made was the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. In the sewing part of the class we made bags (mine was blue and green). The bag is useful and I use it for a lot of things. I got a good grade on all the projects so it also brought my average up.
      Overall I enjoyed FACS but I'm excited to start with art since it's been so long since I've had it. I enjoy the little change in my schedule that makes a difference. 

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