Wednesday, March 9, 2016


     Recently I have been interested in volleyball. I play for a team called the Northeast Thunder. There are about 12 girls on my team. We had recently had a volleyball tournament. I'm used to the because my sister used to have plenty. Here's what's like to go/play in a volleyball tournament.
     You have to get up early if you don't stay in a hotel. So I got up at about 6:30mto get everything ready and I could be there at 7:30 to warm up. Our first game was at 8 am. We played our first game, best 2 out of 3. We won. Next we would have to work the upcoming game. Working for another game involves many people, 1 person has to keep score, 1 person has to mimic the ref, 2 people have to see if the ball is in or out of bounds and 2 people have to keep track of everyone(subs, fouls, etc.) After we worked we had 2 games off. So mostly everyone slept  because they were so tired and ate. After that we had to play 2 games in a row. We won both of our games. Once we finished that we had to work again. Then we had 4 games off the court. My whole team played games and ate. It was really fun. We played a few more games, won most of them but lost 1. Since we one most of them we moved on to finals. We played 2 rounds and we were tied. Whoever won the next round was the champions for our age division. With hard efforts and determination we won the finals. We got medals for our glory.
     I had a really fun day. I really enjoy playing in volleyball tournaments and being with my team because they're fun and nice. I can't wait until our next volleyball tournament because I love them so much.

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