Wednesday, February 24, 2016


      My family owns a bunny named Lucy. She's a she's black and her ears droop down so they almost touch the floor. We got her the day before Easter and my dad brought her home as a surprise to our whole family.  My sister was 14 and I was 11. My sister and I kind of suspected something was different but wasn't expecting this.  My mom had no clue this was happening either. We had a bunny when I was 8 but was medically challenged so didn't make it long. 
    My whole family and I had gone to a Hockey game that day. My father left early because he said he had a lot of work to catch up on (not.) We stayed until the end because we had too. It was a Taekwondo demonstration we had been there to perform in at the end. So once the hockey game was over we went to the mall to buy a few things. A few things turned into many and we spent twice the time then we wanted to there. By the time we were done it it was about 7 pm. My mother, sister, father and I had been invited to a bonfire later that night with our friends. Everyone thought it was a good idea to go. On our way to the bonfire my mother didn't feel good so we turned around and went home at about 9 pm. We were all disappointed but we didn't know what we were going to see when we got home. My mother, sister and I were so surprised by the bunny in the middle of our living room. Bridget, my sister was very attached to our other bunny Mason. When she saw Lucy she was very sad because it reminded her of him and she wasn't ready to let go of him.  She instantly ran away from Lucy, historically crying. I invited her best friend over, with the permitting of my parents to help her gain the courage to meet our new bunny. 

     By the time I met Lucy I loved her. It took a long time to think of a name for her. We had to pick something everyone agreed with, we ended up with Lucy. Lucy is a big part of my life I love her very much. I love playing with her as well. My life would be very different without her in it. 

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