Saturday, February 6, 2016

Black Belt

Today my best friend tested for his black belt. We both compete in a sport called taekwondo. His name is Kilian. He had been doing taekwondo for over 3 years. I have known Kilian since about 3rd grade. This was a very special moment for me to watch him get his black belt. We had a whole day of training with the almost black belts.
The whole day started at 8 a.m. Everyone showed up at and we started training right away. We started doing poomsae. Poomsae is a traditional floor sequence. Usually there are only 8 poomsae. So we did all 8 poomsae twice, in total we did 16. After about an hour of that at 9 o'clock we ate breakfast for about 30 minutes. Then after that we continued with stick fighting and other self defense moves. I really enjoy sticks because not a lot of people use them and they can be found in our everyday life. At about noon we sat and ate lunch. Once we finished lunch we played games so all together it took about a hour. The black belt test started at 4 p.m so we had to start preparing the soon to be black belts. So after lunch we worked on their 4 techniques that they would be breaking boards and cement with. Each person had one power foot kick, one speed foot kick, one speed hand technique and one power hand technique to (break a cement with.) We went over everything that they would have to do and by the time we were done it was about time for the test.

Overall the whole day was great and everyone did wonderfully. After the test was over we had a celebratory dinner for everyone and their families. I had a really fun day close with all of my friends. I can't wait until another black belt test. I am very proud of my best friend Kilian!

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