Monday, January 25, 2016

Soup Kitchen

Today me and some people in my LA class went to the soup kitchen. We left school about 20 minutes into class. Everyone got on the bus to the St. John's Outreach Center with their lunch and jacket. The ride was about 30 minutes long. We were trained on what to do and how to do it. The woman instructing us told us the most important thing was to smile, it makes people feel welcomed. I learned a lot today, it was wonderful.
The lady that taught us and another gentleman stood by the door greeting the people walking in. They made everyone feel welcomed and chatted with them and showed them a seat. They opened the door and let the people waiting to enter, come in. Before we greeted them and asked them what the wanted, everyone said a prayer together. Then we started. First we asked them what they wanted to drink. Once we returned with their drink, we then asked if they would like a salad. If they said yes we would go grab it. When they finished we asked them if they would like the meal we were serving that day, which was pulled pork with beans. If they wanted they could have seconds. Next it was time for dessert, if they wanted they could have cookies or pudding. When the person sitting there got up and left, we picked up their dishes and replaced them with new ones once the next person came and sat down there. I repeated these steps for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
I learned many new things today, and enjoyed it a lot. I saw things from a new perspective. I thought of how I took many things for granted and couldn't any more after seeing how other people live. I also thought of how thankful I am for everything I have today. Helping people today made me feel good inside, many people told me how thankful they were for me volunteering my time. I would do this almost everyday if I got the chance.

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