Thursday, January 21, 2016

Car Safety

For Christmas every year my family travels to Poughkepsie. On our ride down, I observed many people using their phones while driving. I started thinking how unsafe it was. I looked up how many people die in car crashes per year. The answer, 1.3 million people. An addition 20-50 million are injured or disabled. I couldn't live knowing that.
Later knowing about that I wondered many things, like how many Americans died, or how many people that compares to etc. But most importantly I wondered how many of those 1.3 millions peoples lives I could save. Me, a 12 year old, almost 13. How could I save 1.3 million lives? Stop people from using their phones while driving. I'm planning on informing my community of the information I consumed. I am now working on introducing my community to car safety.
I believe that in 2016 we need 1.3 million to decrease, by a lot. The numbers of deaths is unacceptable. I hope that I can help my community change car safety. Together we can turn 1.3 million people into 0. I'm hoping that by the time I am 20, many things will change with car safety.

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