Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Recently I have been interested in written poetry and spoken word poetry. In my free time I have looked it up on the Internet. Most of the topics people choose for poetry are sensitive to them or others. Sometimes people are afraid to talk about what they write in a poem. People who perform spoken word poetry speak with confidence. It makes me feel like I´m feeling their emotions.
There are many similarities and differences  between spoken and written poetry. For example, they are both types of poetry, mostly related. Both are popular. They are different because written poetry has more then one branch. Spoken word poetry is commonly just one. All poetry can have different emotional affects on people. That's what makes it special. Each genre of poetry is different in it's own way.
Written and spoken word poetry have many similarities and differences. I hope that spoken word poetry can get more popular throughout the years. I believe that's so fun and enjoyable to listen to. I think that more people should look up and research new poetry, It's so much fun!

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