Saturday, June 11, 2016

School 4th Quarter Review

June 23rd, is the last day of my school year. We have very few days left of school. I'm so sad to be leaving 7th grade behind, It's been a long and great school year. I've had so many amazing classes and teachers this year.
     This school year I really loved all my teachers. I loved all my core teachers because they each found different ways to make learning fun. During music this year learned how to play the keyboard. My partner Parker and I had so much fun. In Spanish I loved all the people in my class. They helped me make learning fun. Mrs. Romano helped me make it through art without getting behind, also. I often took too much time on one art piece and fell behind, without her I would probably be failing art. This year I also enjoyed tech class. During tech I got to design and construct a catapult. FACS was super fun as well. I loved learning about cooking, taking care of things and sewing.
      This school year we also went on some exciting field trips. One field trip I enjoyed was our trip to the food pantry. Few people signed up to volunteer and help the less fortunate.  We waited on people and helped serve food. enjoyed this because the people that came in were so friendly and nice.I also really liked going on our Boston trip. We went to Boston for almost a whole day. The only thing I didn't like about this was that we had to wake up so early.
      I enjoyed seventh grade, and I won't ever forget about all the great experiences I've had this year. 7th grade helped me make so many new memories.  I hope that 8th grade will as awesome as this year. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Field Trip

Today my classmates and I took a trip to Boston. While we're in Boston we are going on a trolley tour around historical parts of Boston, and the Boston Museum of Science. I'm happy that we're going on this field trip since not every house is going somewhere on a field trip. We're lucky that we're going to be out of school for the day and enjoying Boston.
    We´ll did many things on the field trip, so we had to get to the school early so we can do everything. We have to meet at the school at 5:30am. After we left the school we drive to Boston, which will took about 3 hours. Once we get there at around 9am, we go on about a 2 hour trolley ride around Boston. After that we went to the Boston Museum of science. There we completed an assignment for math and science that was really easy. Then we left Boston and drove back to the middle school, at about 8pm.
     While we´re on the field trip I'll be staying with my group of other students and one chaperone. My group consists of my friend Molly, Dean and Corbin. While we were in the museum and on the rest of the field trip we had to stay together. We also sat with each other on the bus ride. So we were with our group for the whole trip.
    This was definitally a super fun and cool trip. I would do it again if I could. I hope that we'll go on one like it next year in 8th grade

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Pine Bush

Today we went on a field trip for science to the Albany Pine Bush since we are learning about it in science tutorial. We're writing an essay about the Pine Bush. We had to write about different species that lived in it, the history of it, and how fire plays a role in the ecosystem.
    For the field trip we were girdling aspen trees. Girdling a tree is when you cut through the bark all the way around the tree, so you can kill it. We were girdling the aspen trees because they were overpopulated in the Pine Bush. So we worked to kill some of them to hopefully decreased the population of the trees
    Today the Blue group (my group) and green went on the field trip. I was excited since it's always nice to go on field trips and get out of school for a little bit. We put on our protective gear to keep us safe from ticks and thorns. After that we got onto the bus and drove to the Pine Bush. When we got there we went into the woods and the Pine Bush staff explained what we were doing. It looked easy when they were doing it, but it was definitely a lot harder than it looked. I eventually peeled off the bark and finished my first tree. Then we had a little break, which meant we had a half hour left. I started a new tree and almost finished it. Before I could we had to go back to school, which we all were relieved about. By the end I gurgled about 20 trees!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The One and Only Ivan

WARNING: Spoiler Alert
In 5th grade I read the book "The One and Only Ivan." My teacher made us "Respond to our reading" for homework every week. Each week it was a different question and he graded us out of 4 points. I was reading through my old notebooks and found a piece that I really liked. Our assignment was to become one of the characters from the story and write a poem or note from their point of view. I wanted to share my piece with you. I wrote from the view of Stella. 
The pain ached throughout my body, but mostly my foot. I knew I wouldn't make it until the morning. All I could think about was "Who's going to take care of Ruby?" I knew Ivan would do anything for me, but this was too much. I thought for a while. I whispered over to Ivan's domain and asked him to promise me something. I never asked him to promise me anything because a promise is forever. "I promise Stella." I thought, this is what Ivan would saw because he is such a great friend, he would do anything for me. I didn't say anything for a long time. I knew I would leave behind everything. Would I be missed, or just forgotten? "Never mind Ivan." I said. As I went to put my head back down on the hay I was laying on, I saw Ruby's trunk move. Like she was reaching for something that was not there. "You want me to take care of Ruby." He knew that I couldn't leave her alone. As I nodded, I told Ivan that she needed a safe place, not here. "I promise Stella, I promise on my word as a Silver Back. As the air becomes thicker, I think how I had a wonderful life with my best friend, the one and only Ivan.
I loved this book so much I read is 3 times that year. I was so surprised when I found this piece hiding away in my closet. I really liked the way I wrote this in 5th grade and I hope you do too!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Day In My Life

My weeks are usually very busy. Mostly everyday is stressful and confusing. Here is usually what a day in my life would be like
On a normal Tuesday morning I wake up at about 6:30-6:50. In the morning I have to pack my stuff for school. Once I get put of the shower it is about 6:45 or 7. Once I'm out of the shower I pick out my outfit and go downstairs for breakfast.
When I go down stairs my dad will be watching the news and I start to make my breakfast. While I am making my breakfast I am helping my mother make my lunch. Once I finish breakfast it's about 7:30 and I head upstairs to brush my teeth and get ready for the day. I get back downstairs and it is about 8 so I do anything that I need to like put my taekwondo uniform in my bag because I go there after school. After that I am ready for my mom or the bus to drive me to school.
Once I get to school I have a normal day at school. When my friends Reagan, Kilian and I get on a special bus to go to taekwondo. We get to do little homework before our parents pick us up for dinner. All of us go to a local deli until 6:15 when we go back to taekwondo for a demonstration practice. Straight after that is advanced poomsae practice which usually ends at 8:30. I get home at approximately 8:50-9. With an hour for homework before bed.
My days are sometimes stressful with not a lot of time for things. Also restless hours but I manage to make it through the day 

Monday, April 18, 2016

My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday! I was born April 17, 2003. Yesterday was so crazy and fun it was unbelievable. I was at a volleyball tournament all day and we came in 3rd. But the party even started a day before.
My whole volleyball team drove down the day before our tournament. We met up at a Wendy's across from our hotel. Then when everyone was there we drove back over to the hotel to go swimming, We swam for a while then the parents ordered pizza. We ate and everyone brought treats. After that everyone changed out of their wet clothes and came into my family's room. We hung out in there for a while, we ate candy, listened to music and played volleyball. It was so much fun. 
The next day my whole team met in the lobby for breakfast before blasting off for our tournament. Once we got there we all started warming up for our first game. We played a super long day of volleyball to place third in the gold bracket. After we finished I went to Panera with some of my really close friends.
My birthday was so fun, I would do it again if I could 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

4th Quarter

April eleventh was the first day of the fourth/final quarter of the school year. There isn't much of a change in my schedule. Instead of having FACS (Family And Consumer Science) I now have art. Besides that there isn't any difference since last quarter we switched from Health to Music. I'm excited for art, since I enjoyed it last year, but I'll miss FACS because I did enjoy the labs.
       This quarter I have art with Mrs. Romano, which is different from who I had last year. The class is ten weeks long. During these ten weeks we will be learning how to create a piece of artwork using the elements of line, color, shape, texture and space arrangement. We will also be drawing, printmaking, sculpting, making collages and painting using very different techniques. I'm excited to do the calligraphy project because it looks super fun and interesting.
     This quarter I'm ending FACS and starting art instead. I enjoyed FACS a lot this year. In the food labs we made fruit smoothies, muffins and pizza bagels. I have to say that my favorite food I made was the pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. In the sewing part of the class we made bags (mine was blue and green). The bag is useful and I use it for a lot of things. I got a good grade on all the projects so it also brought my average up.
      Overall I enjoyed FACS but I'm excited to start with art since it's been so long since I've had it. I enjoy the little change in my schedule that makes a difference.